Business Consultants Compared – What Makes Firms Different?

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Although it is difficult to specify any particular type of consultants, but in India you can find four major types of business consultant companies. They are strategy consultant, implementation consultants, industry specialists and functional specialists.

If you look at these terms as a startup business owner, then you may be confused regarding which one to choose. Usually the main limitation of startup firms is that they lack the sufficient capital to employ full time talent and resources for all the different tasks in the company, apart from the core tasks.

For instance, some companies may need a marketing strategy for their products or services. However, it may not be sufficient to hire a business consultant who can design a marketing strategy. With the two pronged approach that you have to take in marketing, by combining offline and online marketing, it may be difficult to implement the strategy on their own. This is where they will require a business consulting firm that provides the complete package of creating a strategy and implementing it as well.

On the other hand, if you are starting a business in a very specific industry like interior design, then you will need business management consulting firms that specialise in this sector. This is because an interior designer will require the consultant to be able to understand the ins and outs of their business and the psyche of their clients. Hence when it comes to hiring Indian business management consultants you need to understand yourself, what role you want them to play as your business startup consultant.

However, you need not get confused because it is also possible to find, business consultants for startups who can take on the responsibility of all the tasks that you want them to take on. Such multi-talented and experienced consultants are the best ones to hire, because once you hire them you need only to focus on your core tasks and rake in the profits.

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