Turning around Businesses

When a business runs in loss, there are several factors. Human, environmental, technical, regulatory and many such reasons cause them. A business owner of a loss making organization is already too stressed to get solutions. We step in with all our experience and expertise. We understand the reasons and the situation of the business. The business stands to gain a full fledged new team to breath oxygen into the business. An approach, many of our clients have appreciated and benefitted.

Why should a business owner engage business consultant to turn around their business
  1. The owner of a loss making business is already stressed. 
  2. The employees of a loss making business are not motivated to give their optimal best to their functions
  3. The leadership team also get stressed, as they are staring at a uncertain future
  4. In this scenario, it is always wise to get a unaffected, impartial and professional business consultant to deal with the precarious situation of the business
Why Startup mentor , as your business consultant
  1. The Management consultant pool has a collective experience of over 130 years dealing with large, small and medium businesses. So your ailing business gets experienced business doctors to diagnose what is performing and what is not performing in your businesses
  2. Our execution strategy has a collaborative approach, thus leading to a smooth transition with change processes
  3. Our firm has solutions for technology, marketing, sales, logistics and every element required to strengthen a business. So you get one single firm handling all aspects of your business. 
  4. Our financial terms are majorly to do with our performance
How does Startupmentor execute their strategies
  1. Startupmentor throughly studies the internal and external business environment
  2. The cause and effect graphs are created
  3. Plans are made in consultation with every stakeholder of the organization, internal and external
  4. Because of the maturity of past experiences of the Startupmentor team, the stake holders will be motivated to cooperate
  5. Startupmentor ensures a transparent progress document with every stakeholder
  6. Startupmentor leaves a legacy of a collaborative approach for the business to ensure no reoccurrence of such situations

So if you are looking for a business consultant to bring your organization from a loss making to profit making unit, let us talk

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