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In Startup Mentor, you will find a team of professionals who are willing to guide you, an entrepreneur, in order to ensure the success and growth of your business by dedicating their time, sharing their knowledge and experience and by using their network in the industry.

Absolutely you will be mentored by a group of entrepreneurs and CEOs who have been successful in different fields of profession and have the experience of working in different positions.<br>
Whether you want to build a new business, scale up, start a business venture in India or digitize your business, we ensure that you succeed as an entrepreneur and the business grows with our guidance and assistance.

<p>We are dedicated to the success of each entrepreneur and we customize the mentorship program based upon their unique needs, nature of their business and their unique goal. We even encourage each client to aspire for more and we assist them in expanding or diversifying their business.</p>
<li>We will listen to your needs and learn about your goal as an entrepreneur.</li>
<li>We will enquire about
<li>Your trepidations</li>
<li>Issues that may be preventing you from starting the venture or expanding the business or diversifying</li>
<li>We will plan how to assist in your growth as an entrepreneur and in the growth of your business based upon this enquiry as well as the marketing and sales research for your idea.</li>

After being assisted by a team of experienced and successful professionals as mentors, you can –

  • Make the correct decision at the first time
  • Learn how to make difficult choices or decisions for the benefit of your business
  • Have the opportunity to connect to a network of people, who can help you, at the right time
  • Refine your business strategy based upon experts’ advice
  • Strategize how to grow intelligently
  • Find the target audience for effective marketing, learn how to spend on different types of advertisements and learn how to scale after finding a sustainable growth model
  • Learn how to handle and resolve financial challenges and master the financial operations
  • Avoid harmful business decisions by developing emotional intelligence
  • Learn to plan for the future

You will the help of experienced professionals and you will find them through Startup Mentor. How can we help? We can help you –

  • Set a goal that enables you to –

Specify your focus

Track your achievements and measure progress

Have the opportunity to take calculated risks by pushing the boundaries of comfort zone

  • Hold on to the desirable clients
  • Learn from the experience of experts and apply the knowledge for continuous business growth
  • Effectively combine the offline and online marketing activities
  • Staying updated with the technology that directly impacts their business

In India, around 80%-90% of the start-up businesses fail within the 5 years of starting their journey. Entrepreneurs can prevent this failure with the assistance of experienced mentors. At Startup Mentor, we can –

  • Plan important steps for startup businesses of our clients
  • Help our clients in forming a legal structure for their business, such as LLC, sole proprietor etc.
  • Help with the development of business structure
  • Assist with the selection of right vendors for a business
  • Help clients in finding investors

At Startup Mentor, we can help entrepreneurs –

  • In identifying their mistakes in business models/plans/decisions
  • In beating their tunnel vision for progress or diversifying
  • In setting goals and projects based upon their requirements
  • In having new opportunities by expanding their network
  • With a judicious opinion or an alternative direction in the hours of distress

At Startup Mentor, we can connect entrepreneurs to the professionals from different industries. Mentors will –

  • Provide the entrepreneurs with industry specific knowledge
  • Assess whether or not they are prepared to establish and run a business
  • Discuss standard operating practices and financial planning
  • Discuss how to find investors or select co-founders
  • Assist with human resource planning and selection

Thus, it is essential to select a mentor who has worked in the same industry.

The right time to find a mentor is the moment you start planning for a startup business. From a mentor, you can learn how to start a business without wasting precious time, effort and money.

A mentor and mentee will discuss about various issues and ideas. During the discussion,

  • Ideas are validated.
  • Business models are discussed.
  • Financial planning is carried out followed by the execution of the plan.

You can find the right mentor for business based upon your needs, such as

  • Building a new business
  • Scale-up
  • Diversification
  • Starting a new business venture in a foreign country

It is prudent to offer 0.4%-1.5% of the equity at the idea stage and 0.2%-1% equity at growth stage.

  1. Is it worth paying for a mentor?

The answer is ‘yes’. Successful business mentors can help you in different ways.

  • They can introduce you to the industry experts from their network who can assist you in achieving success and growth.
  • You can avoid costly mistakes after learning from the knowledge and experience of mentors.
  • A successful businessperson can effectively mentor other entrepreneurs. Thus, a business mentor can relate to your struggle, understand your problems, try to resolve them and encourage you to push limitations in order to have business growth.

No. We will connect you to successful entrepreneurs from selected sectors of industry. They cannot offer free consultations and we expect you to value their time and effort.

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