Finding the Right Mentor for Your Start-Up to Accelerate Your Growth

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The lack of experience and lack of resources are two main reasons behind the failure of a large number of start-ups in India. Therefore, startup mentorship is considered to be critical for the success and growth of any business. However, it is prudent to look for multiple mentors instead of looking for one mentor since one individual cannot be an expert in different fields and fulfil all of your requirements. It is equally important to find the right mentor for your business.Important Traits to Consider when Selecting a Mentor

  • Resolving Your Problems

You have to resolve multiple issues when starting a business. Therefore, you have to find a startup mentor who can offer solutions to your problems and help you in overcoming the barriers.

  • Knowledge of the Market

You can learn from a mentor, who has worked in the similar industry, about the market, the unique issues faced by similar businesses and the process of running a business.

  • Network of Right People

A business mentor, who is connected to the right people in the industry, may become critical for the success and growth of your business. They can help you in finding potential investors, clients or customers for your business and assist you in launching customer trials.

  • Experience of Running a Business

An individual, who has successfully established and run a business, knows about entrepreneurial activities. They can validate your ideas and lead your business to success.

Where to Look for Efficient Mentors

To find the right mentor for startup business,

  • You may visit the online mentorship platforms that connect the mentors with mentees.
  • You may connect with organizations that support start-ups or small businesses.
  • You may attend the volunteer events or industry meet-ups.
  • You can also find startup consultants through professional social-media platforms.

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