How to Start a Startup In India – Idea To Execution

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You may have a great idea in your mind. However, establishing a business using this idea and running it successfully is a difficult task to accomplish for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs may benefit from the assistance of an experienced startup mentor.

Research the Market

It is essential to research the market before starting a business and a mentor for startup business can help entrepreneurs with the market research. It enables you to determine –

  • If an idea is worth pursuing
  • If you are ready to start a business
  • Who are going to benefit from your idea
  • How to survey the potential customers

Distributing Financial Resources

If you have sufficient financial resources to start a business, then startup mentorship enables you to determine the best way to distribute the resources in order to achieve your objectives.

Incorporating a Company

You have to incorporate your company in order to turn it into a legal entity. This is an important step since it decides how a company is going to be structured in the future. A business mentor can determine the best way for a company to be incorporated in India.

Securing Intellectual Property Rights

If you want to secure the right to create and sell your products, then you have to secure the IP (intellectual property). You can secure the IP rights using copyright, patents and trademarks.


The name of your business has to create a distinctive identity for your brand and project the idea and should not prevent you from expanding or diversifying the business in the future. Experienced startup consultants can help you in selecting and securing the name of your brand alongside securing the domain name of your website.

Writing a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is important since it enables you to –

  • Determine the milestones and goals for your business
  • Guide on different aspects
  • Prevent you from going off the track

Experienced consultants for business plans can create an effective business plan based upon the market research and draft every step for your company based upon your needs

Raising the Capital

Raising capital is the most important and the most difficult part of launching a business. In this scenario, a startup consulting firm can help an entrepreneur with finding out –

  • How much capital has to be raised
  • How much capital has to come from the investors
  • How to find suitable investors

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